Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Crazy

Spring really makes me crazy.  After waiting and waiting for nice weather, when it finally hits, all I want to do is poke around outside.  When the kids were little, I'd strap them in the stroller and just roll them around so I could just pull a couple of weeds or plant a tomato or two.  Now, I just scoot outside for a "couple of minutes," telling them that dinner will be soon.  They all understand, luckily.

Years ago, when we first bought our house, I excitedly told my father-in-law that I wanted endless amounts of outside work.  Yes, I actually did say this.  He didn't say a thing, but just looked at me.  Well, my wish has come true.  I really do have endless amounts of outside work.  Most days, I like it.

Some veggies on a terraced slope.

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